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‘Sales’ is the department that generates revenue.  No matter how good your manufacturing operation is you must have a sales mechanism in place.  Too many SME’s rely on long standing relationships with a handful of customers to generate revenue, consequently investment in sales ‘skills’ tends to be overlooked – often resulting in mediocre business performance.


In an ever increasing competitive and dynamic market place, sales peoples’ skills must be developed.  Many smaller SME’s have no sales people; however, the skill of selling, and managing your existing customers, is an important business function that should not be ignored.



This programme is for both experienced sales people and those new to selling.  Its basic philosophy recognises that an individual order is not enough to sustain business stability or growth. Sales people need to learn how to develop win-win relationships with their customers.  Delegates will learn; what a value proposition is for a customer, how to account manage and build lasting relationships, understand what buying influences exist in a sale and the dangers of excluding any of them in their discussions.

People dealing with sales need to be made aware of what constitutes a meaningful dialogue and by adopting the use of different questioning techniques and listening skills gain a clear vision of what the customer is seeking.



On completion of this programme you will be able to: 

  • Identify the characteristics of a good sales person  

  • Understanding the selling process

  • Define the characteristics of the ideal prospect/customer.

  • Compare and rate your suspects and prospects

  • Assess your position versus the competition.

  • Identify the different type of buyers and the influences they possess in the sales process.

  • Develop a value proposition that fits the customer the customer’s needs.

  • Work towards a win-win solution.

  • Develop trusting relationships with your customers and prospects.