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This programme has been designed by us specifically for SME companies in the manufacturing sector, and has been accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

The programme is an introduction to Leadership and Management Development consisting of a variety of subjects that can be tailored to your requirements to give individuals and organisations an opportunity to choose the most appropriate learning activity which matches their business needs.

The programme is designed to develop the leadership and management skills within the business so that the workforce can be effectively engaged with a clear vision and strategy that leads to a sustainable improvement in the overall performance of the business. (You can download more information on our 'Resources' page - go to 'Downloads' )



On completion of this programme you and your management team will be able to:-.

  • Identify and plan effective cost saving projects with a high ROI.

  • Identify your leadership style and its impact on others.

  • Apply an appropriate leadership style for any situation.

  • Build a successful and highly motivated team.

  • Manage conflict more effectively.

  • Create a more engaged, more efficient, and more productive workforce.

  • Sustain a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.



The programme is delivered as half-day interventions on-site at your premises. Candidates will be registered with the Institute of Leadership and Management and on successful completion of the programme and external assessments, will be awarded an ILM certificate.

Typical topics may include:-

  • Leadership and Management Skills, and understanding the difference between leadership and management activity.

  • High Performance Management and a look at the Pit Stop Mentality.

  • Motivation and identifying the key drivers and intrinsic needs of individuals (with reference to Maslow, Hertzberg, and McGregor).

  • Developing a vision and strategy for the organisation, and how to implement that strategy (with reference to The Balanced Scorecard approach), and maximise profits.

  • Employee engagement, and how to create an engaged workforce.

  • Identifying your personal leadership and management styles, and how to improve it (with reference to Belbin and Blake & Mouton).

  • Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management.

  • Coaching skills for managers.

  • Becoming a ‘Lean’ organisation, and what does a ‘World Class’ organisation look like?

  • Presentation skills for managers.

  • You may choose to tailor the programme to your specific requirements with the advice of an AIM representative.


Candidates will:-

  • Complete a psychological profiling exercise and an assessment of their current management style at the beginning of the programme.

  • Be assessed at intervals throughout the course by measuring their management and leadership capabilities, emotional intelligence levels, and conflict management styles.

  • Participate in a manufacturing-based case study which requires managers to prepare and present to the executive board an effective ‘turnaround strategy’.

  • Prepare and give a presentation to the group on a topic of their own choice.

  • Develop an improvement project that will directly or indirectly benefit the organisation financially. The project will use skills and techniques learnt from the programme. The project will be assessed for ILM certification.