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Managers typically want to get 'more for less' out of their teams. An employee survey will help managers to focus on creating an environment where employees are motivated and provide that discretionary effort to give the organisation a true competitive edge. This discretionary effort is the result of a employees being more satisfied and 'engaged' with their organisation.


The UK Government’s 2009 report ‘Engaging for Success’, captures findings from various studies and presents a compelling business case for improving employee engagement. The evidence confirms a strong relationship between engagement and financial performance, including:

26% higher revenue per employee; operating income levels increased by 19% and13% higher total returns to shareholders over five years




We develop an appropriate survey for your business using a focus group or groups and as a starting point for the questionnaires we use, and build on, the widely known Gallup 12 questions.


An AIM representative will work with you to create an effective internal communication campaign that will help you achieve excellent survey response rates. This can be in the form of a series of workshops designed to inform employees about ‘employee engagement’ and the survey questionnaire.


The AIM employee survey will provide comprehensive feedback and analysis.

The analysis will provide data to feed into a strategic plan and roll-out of a strategic realignment programme. The data will also provide a basis for practical action plans at a local level.


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