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Change management is an approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organisations to a desired future state . In a project management context, change management may refer to a project management process wherein changes to the scope of a project are formally introduced and approved  .

Change Management can ensure standardised methods, processes and procedures which are used for all changes, facilitate efficient and prompt handling of all changes, and maintain the proper balance between the need for change and the potential detrimental impact of changes.


So if you are making changes to your business through one of our programmes or otherwise, this technique can help to keep your programme on track and meet your planned goals.



To ensure that change is implemented smoothly in a structured manner that produces benefits which are sustainable and profitable in the long term.  



On completion of this programme you and your management team will be able to:-

  • Plan and implement a structured change programme.

  • Understand Kotter's eight step change model.


   Principles of Change Management

  • At all times involve and agree support from people within the organisation.

  • Understand where you / the organisation is at the moment.

  • Understand where you want to be, when, why, and what the measures will be for having got there.

  • Communicate, involve, enable and facilitate involvement from people, as early and openly and as fully as is possible.


Kotter’s 8 Step Change Model

John Kotter’s now-legendary eight-step process for managing change with positive results has become the foundation for leaders and organisations across the globe. By outlining the process every organisation must go through to achieve its goals, and by identifying where and how even top performers derail during the change process, Kotter provides a practical resource for leaders and managers charged with making change initiatives work. Leading Change is widely recognised as his seminal work and is an important precursor to his newer ideas on acceleration published in Harvard Business Review.

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