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There are considered to be five main characteristics of a lean organisation:-

  • Products are built to customer demand - to do otherwise would be to accumulate inventory, and therefore, potential waste.

  • Quality is built in, not inspected in, and every lean operation works towards a process that ensures flawless products. Rework or scrap is waste.

  • Teams are empowered to make key decisions to fix things - without reference to management.

  • Visual management is used to track performance and provide feedback to the teams, teams are therefore able to identify and remove any potential wastes that may adversely affect performance.

  • The relentless pursuit of perfection, evidenced in the continual and constant search for better ways to do even the smallest tasks. Looking for ways to cut waste and do things better, and more easily.

We can therefore see that waste elimination is one of the most effective ways to increase the profitability of any business.


AIM will work with your organisation to bring about a 'Lean' transformation using multiple systems and methods:-

Workplace organisation (5S and the 7 Wastes) and visual controls; Improved machine layouts; Setup reduction; Single piece (or small batch) production; Kanban systems for Just-In-Time production; Small group improvement activities (Lean Events).



Value Stream Mapping, Problem Solving, Visual Management, Factory Layout, MRP selection and implementation, Kaizen, New Product Introduction,  ISO9001:2015, AS9100, OHSAS18001,

PPAP's, FMEA's, APQP, SOP's, SLA's, SPC, and more.


AIM will carry out a survey of all your business processes, and produce a detailed analysis which can provide the basis of an improvement plan


If you would like an informal discussion on how we can help improve your business processes - please call us.